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Personal Shopping: Buying Makeup During the Pandemic

Have all of the witticisms about 2020 already been said? Probably. We all know this is one for the books. But you know what hasn’t changed? Our love for beauty products and all their glory! From hydrating facial masks, to bold new lip colors, and ‘woke-up-like-this’ concealers, we’re still using--and buying--cosmetics, skincare and hair products. What has changed is the how. There’s no doubt that ‘how,’ we shop for beauty has changed for the foreseeable future, if not indefinitely. So, how does a beauty lover discover new goodies and make the right purchases when cosmetic testers, good help and wandering through the beauty department are things of the past? With a personal shopping appointment! You might be surprised to discover the appointment ultimately pays for itself.

The moment during her virtual personal shopping appointment when Merle discovered she could use fewer products by replacing her moisturizer, SPF and illuminating primer with this sunscreen.

New Normal, New Routine

If Zoom, synchronous and asynchronous learning and maskne and new to your vocabulary this year, it’s likely that they come with a range of new norms. Maybe you’re working from home and have to balance your video conferences with kids learning at home. Or maybe you’re wearing a mask all day on public transit and in your workplace. If your skin is angry about the mask, or you can’t stop staring into the dark circles under your eyes on your own reflection on the Zoom gallery view, it’s time to update your routine to meet your current needs. Whether you need multi-tasking products to cut down on your time in front of the mirror, a high-impact lip color to make your complexion pop on camera, or products that won’t rub off on your mask, it’s time to get some help choosing the right items.

Let’s Face It, Beauty is Fun!

If you’re here, you’re probably like me and love makeup! Or at least love how it makes you feel. And in these COVID times, we can’t take any of that happiness for granted. So buy the damn lipstick. To be clear, I’m not advocating for wasteful consumerism or spending beyond your means. However, if that red lipstick is going to bring out your AOC level bad-assery, or you’ve found the highlighter that will make you glow like JLo, then it seems justifiable on some level. Makeup helps us express ourselves, make time for ourselves and can even create structure during unpredictable times (sound familiar?). Plus, with great advice, you can eliminate a lot of the trial and error that can make shopping for makeup tedious and wasteful.

So, What’s The Downside?

Well, shopping for makeup and skincare has never been easy. With hundreds of brands out there, new releases coming out on the daily and trends that are nothing if not confusing (remember strobing?), how are you supposed to know what will work for you? So, maybe you’ve turned to some of the thousands of beauty channels, IG feeds and review blogs making recommendations online. With all of that information out there, why do we still keep buying stuff that doesn’t work, or throw our hands up in frustration, ultimately buying nothing at all? Simply put, because no one is making recommendations for YOU. Influencers have brand deals to fulfill, in-store sales people have sales goals to achieve, and brands have bottom lines to meet. Add to that the complexities of COVID, like wanting to avoid shared testers, or stores in general, plus staff under pressure if you do decide to venture into a store. So where does the individual consumer fit into the equation?

How Personal Shopping Can Help

If you’re ready to update your routine without wasting time, money or sanity, you’re ready to book a personal shopping appointment. In one hour, we’ll go through your whole makeup or skincare routine (you choose), and I’ll make recommendations for products that fit your lifestyle, taste and budget. Getting to know my clients and helping them achieve their vision is my ultimate goal. Whether you’re a work-from-home-mom, girl boss or wanting to level up your girls night look, you can’t go wrong with personal shopping. Ready to shop smarter, not harder? Stop wasting your time in the YouTube rabbit hole, and start loving your makeup bag. Book your personal shopping appointment today.

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