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Unexpected Favorites

My personal shopping clients ask all the time about my favorite products. Models always want to know what I keep in my kit. Is there really a magical foundation that erases wrinkles, acne and works for everyone? I could wax on about stunning red lipsticks, telescopic mascaras and dew-inducing highlighters. But in all honesty, you can’t create flawless looks with makeup alone. But today I’m going to share some of the un-sung heroes that can take your makeup application from working to WOW. I’m talking about the tools that multi-task and deliver precision and the organization and vanity improvements that will make your process more efficient and render better results.

Don’t take this step for granted! In about 10 seconds you can look more awake, give the appearance of larger eyes and create a beautiful base for mascara. If someone asks you to hop on a Zoom “right now,” give your lashes a quick curl and you’ll look bright-eyed and energized. I love the MAC Cosmetic Full Lash Curler because it gets the job done. Works easily even on a large eye, doesn’t pinch, has a really comfortable hand feel and lasts for years. I’ve had mine for about 6 and it’s still going strong. I also love that it comes with replacement rubber bumpers.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t love a slanted tip tweezer. It’s just not precise enough for me, and I feel like I end up pulling out everything except the one hair I was aiming for. Enter the Revlon Salon Pro Point Tweezer. I love the precision and how well it grabs even the most stubborn hair. The arms have exactly the right amount of tension and it has a nice weight. I also like this for applying individual false lashes. I can easily grab the lash without crimping the lashes.

This tiny trash can looks so good you can keep it right on your vanity! Say goodbye to random cotton buds, tissues, pencil shavings, clothing tags and any other bits that might litter your workspace. This has been a game-changer for me, as my vanity is in my bedroom, and the nearest bin is in the bathroom. Also comes in a gold, rose-gold and white, but I can't help it #AllBlackEverything. For $15, you can’t beat it.

If you’ve ever been late because you’re digging for the right brush, only to find it and discover it’s dirty, this organizer is for you. Attractive enough to keep out, and big enough to store a good size brush collection, this piece will enhance your space and save you time. I organize my brushes by size- small, medium and large, and leave the 4th compartment for dirty brushes. So as I’m doing my makeup, I just toss the dirty ones in the right bucket and they’re ready for me to clean before the next use. It’s an easy enough system that even I can stick with it.

This is the game-changer. The number one thing that will improve your makeup application is excellent light. Enter the TML Meira. The must-have kit light technology for professional makeup artists is now available in a beautiful lit vanity mirror for all makeup lovers. The TML Meira features 5 levels of brightness, a low-iron mirror (translation: no green cast to your reflection) and has compact set up. The Meira will allow you to see true color and precise placement. Bonus- if you are looking for a better Zoom setup, use the magnet mount to attach your phone.

Ready for Personal Recommendations?

Ready to re-invigorate your makeup routine? It’s not always about color. Set yourself up for success with the right tools. Looking for more product recommendations? Schedule a virtual personal shopping appointment with me and not only will you walk away with beautiful product recommendations, but the tools you need for quick and polished applications. I look forward to helping you love your makeup routine. Contact me today!

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