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personal Shopping Faqs

Answering common questions

What to expect during virtual personal shopping appointments

Depending on the duration, we’ll go through your skincare, skin prep and makeup routine. We’ll look at what you currently have, what’s working and what’s not. We’ll talk about your skin tone, skin type, coloring and style. This combined with your pre-consultation questionnaire will guide our selection process.


Who is Personal Shopping good for?

Many people can benefit from this service. New or busy moms who can’t run from store to store (or website to website) browsing new or unfamiliar products. Job seekers, recent grads, online content creators, aspiring makeup artists building a kit and anyone else who needs to create or re-vamp their beauty routine. This is also great for anyone experiencing a life change like new hair colors, new skin concerns, getting divorced, getting married, new baby, new city and anything in between.


Can we shop with any retailer?

Yes! I’ll ask for any loyalty memberships, store credit cards and other preferences. 


What happens during the appointment?

After signing up and paying for the appointment online, I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete and return ahead of your session. This will help me prepare for our meeting and make the best use of our time. We’ll meet virtually through Zoom. Not only will we talk about your current routine and what you’re looking for, we’ll also look at the contents of your makeup bag! I’ll ask for specifics about your skin including allergies, sensitivities and preferences. Virtual personal shopping sessions are thorough, personal and customized just for you.


How does the actual shopping work?

Throughout the consultation, I’ll make notes of product recommendations and the tools you’ll need to use them (if applicable). I’ll even share my screen and show you the products as we go. After the session, I’ll follow up via email with links to purchase every product at the retailer of your choice. From there,all you need to do is click and add to cart!


Can you shop with any budget?

Absolutely. Everything about personal shopping is personal to you. I will respect your taste, your lifestyle and of course, your budget.


What about my credit card information?

I will NEVER ask for your credit card or other secure information. For ultimate security, you will complete the actual purchases and all items will be shipped to you. 


Am I obligated to purchase everything?

Nope! You’re in charge. I’ll make recommendations based on our conversation, your budget, and your needs. It’s up to you to decide when to purchase.


Why should I do personal shopping?

Personal shopping allows you to shop with the guidance of an expert from the comfort of your own home! I’ve been helping clients for over 15 years find and fall in love with their makeup and skincare products. Replace the typical in-store experience driven by hungry salespeople, and trying to make sense of endless hours of non-realistic YouTube videos with personal, no-pressure, one-on-one shopping with an actual makeup artist and educator.


Are you available for follow-up after our appointment?

I’m happy to respond to quick email questions after the service. However, if you would like more dedicated time, you can book additional meetings in 30 minute blocks. Contact me to schedule!


I already did a one or two hour personal shopping appointment with you, but I need some new things for the season or a special event.

Sign up for a 30 minute update! This quick session by-passes the deep-dive into your whole makeup collection and gets right down to the products you need to add on to update your look. Please note, this is only available to existing clients.


What should I do after I get all the products?

Have fun! Start playing with your new goodies and discover your new routine. Want a little more guidance? Book a Flawless Face or Ageless Beauty class. This is a 90 minute private lesson provides step by step instruction to create a beautiful look for any occasion using all your new products!


Will we ever be able to shop in person again?!

Yes, and I’d be happy to accompany you in store for the same level of personal attention and assistance. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

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