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Virtual Beauty Lessons

Beauty isn't once size fits all. So why do we rely on YouTube, department store sales people and beauty influencers for advice on what's best for us? My one-on-one lessons are all about you! It's time to start feeling confident that your makeup perfectly suits you and your vision, not someone else's commission goals. And let's face it, in-person beauty services may be hard to come by, unappealing or unsafe for quite some time!


If you're ready to look and feel your best, you're ready to start learning. 

What to Expect

​During the Class

  • All classes use the Zoom platform.

  • We set up your workstation so that it's organized, well lit and your mirror is working for you.

  • We walk you through the skin prep, tools, colors, and textures that will work for you.

  • I instruct as you apply your makeup. I coach you through the entire process and we go at your pace.

After Class

I'll follow up with a video recording, a face chart with placement and instructions, and a list of recommended products we discussed with links to purchase.

Virtual makeup classes are fun, casual and personal. Even though we're physically distanced, you will learn just as much as if I were standing next to you. Learning by doing is the best way to work on your skills and truly understand your own features and preferences. From the fundamentals to professional techniques, you'll be developing the skills to do beautiful makeup every time.

Ready to Get started?

Executing beautiful makeup requires the right products and tools. If you are a new client, please start your journey with Makeup Bag Makeover or a Personal Shopping appointment. That way I can get to know you, your products and help fill in what's missing. Interested in an intermediate or advanced class? Submit an inquiry and I'll be in touch!


Book a Discovery Call! This 10 minute Zoom video is the perfect time to ask any questions you have about lessons or personal shopping services. Don't see what you're looking for? I can customize a class for you.

Start here
Start Here

If you’re stuck in a makeup rut, feeling uninspired or just need some help with knowing how to use what you have, then this popular class is for you!


By the end of this personalized lesson, your makeup bag will all contain all the products you need and nothing you don’t. We’ll toss expired products, discuss which colors and textures are right for you and fill in anything that’s missing. We’ll also go over skincare to ensure your canvas is well cared for. Using your products, we’ll create a beautiful and simple everyday makeup look. The class includes a makeup application.

Makeup Bag Makeover
90 Minute private lessons
90 Minute Classes

I strongly suggest completing Makeup Bag Makeover or a Personal Shopping appointment before taking any of these courses. If you are a new client and interested in the classes listed below, please book a discovery call!

Flawless Face (90 minutes, $150)

Put your best face forward with a beautiful complexion. Discover the techniques that will make your skin look even, radiant, balanced and defined. This class is all about enhancing your features--not a cookie-cutter paint-by-numbers routine. We’ll use your makeup bag to create a flawless face you can do anytime you want to look and feel your best.


Ageless Beauty (90 minutes, $150)

Things change over time, but that doesn’t mean we should feel any less beautiful! Learn to create a flattering, healthy-looking complexion that compliments your skin texture and features. We’ll also discuss product swaps and remove any products that no longer serve you. Learn the anti-aging tips and tricks that will give you the youthful, glowing look you desire. 


5 Minute Face (90 minutes, $150)

Between kids in remote school, busy work days, and navigating a global pandemic, who has time to pull it together for a Zoom meeting?! In this class we’ll customize a look that you can complete in 5 minutes that compliments your features and your lifestyle. This is also a great option for anyone who is completely new to makeup, including teens!


Eyeconic (90 minutes, $150)

Who doesn’t want their eyes to pop? Learn the colors, textures and techniques that will bring out your eyes. I even share my best lash tips and tricks. Choose from one of the following sessions and we’ll create a look that’s just for you:


-Classic Eyeconic (for work or everyday)

-Smokey eye (for fun, drama or an evening out)

-Ageless beauty (adjusting your eye makeup over time)

Flawless Face
Ageless Beauty
5 minute Face
2 Hour private lessons
2 Hour Classes

I strongly suggest completing Makeup Bag Makeover or a Personal Shopping appointment before taking any of these courses. If you are a new client and interested in the classes listed below, please book a discovery call!

DIY Bride (2 hours, $200)

Doing your own makeup for your wedding can be a great experience. Whatever your skills are, I can help you look and feel beautiful on your special day. We’ll take it step-by-step through the application process with the right tools and products to achieve the look and longevity you desire. I’ll share tips and tricks for looking camera ready, and how to touch-up throughout the day. You’ll take away everything you need to know to look fresh, radiant and like the best version of yourself. Includes optional false lash application.


Camera Ready Beauty (2 hours, $200)

Learn professional makeup techniques to look like your best self in front of the camera. Starting from skin prep through setting products, we’ll go over what products and techniques will perform best and last through a photo shoot, red carpet or special event. This class is perfect for on camera talent, bridesmaids, content creators and anyone who needs to be camera ready. Includes optional false lash application.

DIY Bride
Camera Ready Beauty
For Aspiring Pros
Aspiring Pros

Brush Hour (90 minutes, $200)

This class covers everything brushes! From the history to the construction, you'll learn all of the components of a makeup brush. Knowing these elements will help you decide what type of brush you want to use in any given situation. The second part of the class focuses on brush selection and curation. This class is aimed at pros and aspiring pros.

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